A Deep Dive into Deep Foundations | New Foundations in Bournemouth Blog

Among our core services, the local groundworkers at James Groundworks Ltd construct foundations for a variety of different buildings.

We excavate the following types of new foundations:

  • Raft Foundations

  • Trench Fill Foundations

  • Deep Foundations

  • Strip Foundations

All types of foundation construction serve their purpose for different properties, and our team is always happy to suggest what’s best for our Bournemouth customers. As part of our series of company blogs, our local groundworkers would like to take this opportunity to share knowledge of deep foundations so you can better understand them. Hopefully, this will help when considering future home improvement projects in the wider Dorset areas.

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What are Deep Foundations?

Deep foundations transfer the weight distribution of a building down to the earth below it. As the name suggests, they go much further down in the ground than shallow new foundations, such as raft foundations, with the depth determined by the height of the building.

There are five types of deep foundations:


A below-ground room, whose primary function is foundational, can also be used for storage or extra living space.  

Buoyancy rafts

Also known as a floating or hollow box foundation, this is used where the soil is soft or weak. The soil is removed underneath, and the equal weight and forces of the foundation and structure balance with each other, causing the foundation to ‘float’.


These hollow substructures are initially built on the surface and then sunk below the surface to the necessary depth.

Drilled Shaft foundations

Pre-fabricated using load-bearing materials, these are designed to transfer weight evenly between the foundation and the heavy structure of the building. Holes are drilled into the ground before reinforced steel and concrete are added to make a highly reinforced foundation.

Pile foundations

These are concrete-filled hollow tubes connected by grade beams to distribute the structure's weight equally.

Use and Value for Foundation Construction

With regard to new foundations, we install deep foundations for large buildings, from apartment blocks to high-rise towers. They can also be used in places where soil is soft and weak. Thanks to their increased depth, they increase stability in all buildings, especially larger structures.

Deep foundations can be an excellent choice for our Bournemouth clients. Because they can be pre-fabricated off-site, the installation process is quick and straightforward for our local groundworkers. They’re made of durable materials, such as concrete, which maintain the security and stability of the structure over a long period of time with minimal maintenance required.

At James Groundworks Ltd, we can advise on whether deep foundations or other types of foundations are required for your property. We use all our own excavation equipment and produce a high standard of workmanship across all our projects.

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