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At James Groundworks Ltd, we offer a variety of drainage services for the effective management of drainage systems in Dorset. Based near Bournemouth in Christchurch, our local groundworkers also specialise in the following services:

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Thanks to our expertise installing new patios, we know how they can improve your outdoor living space. With many customisable design options, adding a patio is a great way to personalise your home. However, having a patio with good drainage can’t be underestimated. If your property already has a patio, we would like to highlight some common drainage issues you could face which may require drainage repairs or new drainage installations.

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Improper Pitching and Drain Placement

When considering drainage services and installations, pitching is a valuable aspect that mustn’t be overlooked. Naturally, one would assume that a patio layout should be entirely flat and level. However, that can cause a serious problem for drainage. To allow water to run off the surface and flow towards the drain, there must be a slight, gradual slope. If you notice water pooling on your patio, the pitching of your patio likely needs to be corrected so any water can easily enter your drains.

Another related aspect that could cause water pooling on the patio surface is incorrect drain placement. Not having patio drains where they’re needed can leave standing water to damage the patio, nearby plants and even the foundation of your property. Drainage experts like our local groundworkers at James Groundworks Ltd can recognise these issues to prevent further damage from occurring. 

Blocked Drainage Systems

Clogged drains are always a cause for concern for our Bournemouth clients, especially for patios. Many patio drainage systems are susceptible to large debris, such as leaves and garden waste, causing problems with water flow. Although these drains typically have grate coverings to protect against this, objects can still find their way into the drain and cause blockages, especially during periods of heavy rainfall. If you think your patio drains are becoming blocked, you may require drainage repairs to resolve the problem.

Roof Overhangs and Downspouts

Most patios are usually located close to the roof and downspouts of your Bournemouth property. The roof overhang and downspouts help water drain from your roof down to the gutter and drainage system below. However, if there’s a problem with the direction in which the downspouts are installed, water can empty directly onto your patio instead. Thankfully for professional local groundworkers, such as the team at James Groundworks Ltd, our understanding of drainage services makes this a problem we can easily fix when required.

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