Benefits of Using Tarmac For A New Driveway in Bournemouth | Local Groundworkers Completing Full Installations

Tarmac is a versatile material with various applications, including creating new driveways, and is a popular choice for driveways because it has numerous benefits. At James Groundworks Ltd, we are available to advise customers on all of the high-performance materials we provide for driveways, new patios, new foundations and our drainage services. Our local groundworkers can help you establish which material will be best for your driveway in Bournemouth and the other areas we cover.

We are happy to answer any questions customers have about the other works we provide: 

  • Foundation Construction

  • Patio Installation

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Here, our team have listed a few of the many benefits of using tarmac for driveways.


Tarmac is extremely hard-wearing and performs well in all weather conditions, including storms, snow and hail. It can also withstand large vehicles being parked on it and provides a safe, skid-resistant finish, which helps make homes safer. 


With tarmac driveways, you can achieve an attractive and practical new feature in your home without breaking the bank. It is a relatively inexpensive material and lasts for a long time. 

Easy Installation

Tarmac is extremely easy to install compared to other new driveway materials. Our local groundworkers at James Groundworks Ltd can directly lay tarmac onto any surface, which cannot be done with other materials. For other materials, new patios, and new foundations, we manage drainage services and sub-base preparation to ensure driveway installations in Bournemouth are secure and lasting.

Tarmac also dries quickly, so you won’t have to spend unnecessary time parked on the street rather than on your property.

Low Maintenance

As with any material, general wear and tear occurs over time, impacting the surface of driveways. Tarmac is very easy to repair, and our professionals can complete work quickly. If your driveway surface is severely damaged, a new layer can be applied over the existing material. 


If you ever decide to sell your property, a driveway installation can increase the appeal of your build. Driveways maximise the usable space and create a private parking space. Tarmac provides a smooth, sleek aesthetic that blends well into all properties. We can finish driveways with edging and drop kerbs.

At James Groundworks Ltd, we can also discuss the many benefits of the resin-bonded, gravel and block-paving new driveways we install. Our local groundworkers can help enhance the rest of your property with our other works, including new patios, new foundations and the drainage services we provide in and around Bournemouth. With many years of combined experience in foundation construction, patio installation, drainage systems and other groundwork services, you can be sure we’ll produce excellent results.

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